Supply Aerated Concrete Block Equipment for Annual Output of 100,000 m3/ZDZK machinery concrete Block Equipment for Annual Output of 100,000 m3
aerated brick equipment is the machine used in the production of aerated concrete, which is composed by many different equipment. aerated concrete production process: grind the raw materials, stir and make pulp, then casting into the mold, foam, cut, steam curing, then get the final finished product.

The raw materials can be river sand, fly ash, ores and other local materials. The compressive strength of aerated concrete is greater than 25 kg/cm2, which can rival to 125# clay bricks and sand-lime brick. The compressive strength increases slightly in case the temperature is below 600°C. It is close to the compressive strength at room temperature when the temperature is about 600°C, as a building material its performance meets the national arson standard. Due to the bread-like internal structure, a large number of closed poresevenly distributed in the aerated concrete, so it has good sound adsorption performance.

Aerated concrete equipment: 1. raw material pretreatment equipment: (1) crusher: break the block materials such as lime, gypsum, etc. (2) grinding machine: aerated concrete material shall be fully grinded for better reaction. The ball mill is a key equipment for grinding, which include dry grinding and wet grinding.

Annual output of aerated concrete equipment can be from 20,000 to 300,000 m3', which has different prices. Main raw material of aerated concrete can be fly ash, sea sand, river sand, slag, machine-made sand, steel slag, cement, lime, gypsum and aluminum powder.Aerated Concrete Block Equipment for annual output of 100,000 m3
A. The plant area is more than 20,000 m2.
B. Establish raw material yard, finished yard, and the production process include raw materials process section, measuring ingredients casting section, the stop&cutting section, the autoclave curing and finished product section.
C. The host machine is JQF-4.0-type cutting machine with annual production capacity of 80,000-100,000 m3.
D. The plant shall have repair workshop, laboratories, warehouses and other ancillary facilities.
E. Construction cycle: 8 months.
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