Jiesheng Single Column Vertical Lathe
Jiesheng Single column Vertical Lathe

machining inner and outer cylindrical surface, inner and outer conical surface, groove ferrous metals, nonferrous metals and some non-metallic parts.

Consturciton features of Jiesheng single Column Vertical Lathe:

a Working table adopts hydrostatic guide way.
b.The spindle is to use model NN30(Grade D)bearing and able to turn precisely.
c.Gear case is to use 40Cr gear wheel of gear grinding,which has high precision and little noise
d.Plastic coated guide ways are wearable
e.Centralized lubricating oil supplying is convenient
f. Castings of lathe are to use lost foam foundry(short for LFF)technique. Castings are wearable with good quality and dealt by aging.

Jiesheng single column vertical lathe can meet different quantity production requirements with high efficiency, stable and reliable precision.

Jiesheng In Stock Single Column Vertical Lathe. Welcome Inquiry.

C5110 Single Column Vertical Lathe;
Ck5110 Single Column Vertical Lathe;
C5112 Single Column Vertical Lathe;
Ck5112 Single Column Vertical Lathe;
C516 Single Column Vertical Lathe;
CK516 Single Column Vertical Lathe;
C5225 Double Column Vertical Lathe;
CK5225 Double Column Vertical Lathe;
C5231 Double Column Vertical Lathe;
CK5231 Double Column Vertical Lathe;
CK52125 Double Column Vertical Lathe.
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